Just International

JUST hopes to organise various activities:
  • Publish and disseminate commentaries and articles regularly, on current and contemporary issues through both print and electronic media. In this regard, the new information technologies will be important channels of communication.

  • To create a better understanding, at the popular level, of how control and domination of the global system by a privileged minority challenges human dignity and social justice everywhere.

  • Produce and distribute books, monographs, and pamphlets, audio and videotape, educational films, and documentaries.

  • Hold talks, workshops, forums, and conferences directed at specific target groups and the general public. The emphasis will be on young people.

  • Establish a strong network comprising members, friends, and supporters throughout the world which will form the basis of public campaigns and consciousness-raising programmes.

  • Cooperate actively with other organizations which are committed to similar objectives in different parts of the world.