Just International

We are interested in working with the broadest range of individuals possible to implement JUST’s activities:
individuals with backgrounds in broad-based advocacy, as well as individuals with no specific experience in advocacy but who have ideas and enthusiasm to contribute for JUST’s operations, programs and campaigns.
As JUST is an International Movement with its 4000 plus readership comprised of individuals within Malaysia and abroad, the volunteer should be able to communicate effectively in English.
Education & Personality
As JUST is an International Movement with its 4000 plus readership comprised of individuals within Malaysia and abroad, the volunteer should be able to communicate effectively in English.
Volunteerships are open to the young and young at heart
Financial independence
Applicants must be able to financially support themselves throughout the term of their volunteership. JUST may offer an honorarium as a token of appreciation, but the rates are merely token. Financial compensation should not be a primary consideration when applying.
Individuals may actively volunteer to whatever degree they feel comfortable doing and for whatever period of time they choose. We prefer, however, that applicants be able to spend a minimum of five hours weekly at the JUST office.
If having looked through the above-listed qualifications, and feel that this describes you and the idea of volunteering for JUST sounds intriguing, then we invite you to browse further in order to find out if we have a programme to match your education, skills and wishes.
Volunteer tasks available in the following capacities:
Volunteers to assist in library and internet research on various international issues. Topics could include but are not limited to international politics, religion, culture, globalisation, justice, economics, human rights, and a host of other issues. Systematic research, analytical, and creative thinking skills are crucial, as well as the ability to address proposals for alternative solutions to today’s problems.
Assists and provides support for all campaigns, projects and public relations and perform a wide range of departmental tasks as assigned, including: events, programs, campaigns, assist with all press and media relations, including pitching stories and writing press releases.
Operations / Administrative / Clerical support
Filing, data-entry, mailing, stamping, phoning, photocopying, collating, typing correspondence, follow-up on projects, travel arrangement as well as a wide range of errands and other clerical tasks as assigned.
Assistants to seek funding for JUST’s general operating expenses and program-related funding, enthusiastic individuals, development professionals and assistants who have or can develop connections to potential funders in the corporate, foundation, and individual donation arenas. Volunteers could seek funding sources through the Internet – so it might be something which can be done from home — submitting the proposals, tracking them and to the degree possible, helping develop the proposals themselves Administrative projects include researching new grants, contacting foundations to obtain applications and deadline information, maintaining a tickler list of upcoming application deadlines, and maintaining funding files. Writing projects include developing proposals, generating templates for future applications,workingwith grant-writing and marketing volunteers and writing team. organizing and facilitating meetings with decision makers; providing and coordinating access to organizations and individuals to review JUST’s funding proposals; writing development communications plans and proposals; working with grant-writing and marketing volunteers.
Volunteering at JUST provides a variety of challenging and rewarding experience and volunteer benefits, including:
  • Be part of the growing movement of civil societies demanding change and a more just global system
  • Experience hands-on the challenges of addressing international issues
  • Work skills: Get real-life experience in an office environment by acquiring unlimited practical skills
  • Apply abstract theories and concepts to reality and see how they hold up
  • Impress prospective employers with your experience in JUST, a well-respected, international organization
  • Referrals by respected social activists and intellectuals
  • Pleasant working atmosphere
  • Free-parking!
If you’re interested in getting involved, in being part of the JUST CAUSE, please Click here to fill up the application form. Alternatively, you could call us and we could talk about the possibilities.
Better yet, if you’re in the neighborhood, why not drop by for a chat?
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you can also email us at this address:
Our office is located here:
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