Just International

The International Movement for a Just World (JUST)
is a society which seeks to develop global awareness of the injustices within the existing system with the aim of evolving an alternative international order which will enhance human dignity and social justice. More specifically, our primary goal is to establish a spiritual and intellectual foundation for a just world.
Towards that end, JUST has dedicated itself to the following five goals:
  • To develop public awareness about the iniquities and injustices in the existing hegemonic global system

  • To create a better understanding, at the popular level, of how control and domination of the global system by a privileged minority challenges human dignity and social justice everywhere.

  • To nurture a deeper appreciation among people of the urgent need for alternative institutions and arrangements at the global level which are more conducive to the emergence of a just world.

  • To raise global consciousness on the crucial importance of fostering attitudes, values and ideals at both the personal and community level which will help attain and sustain a just world.

  • To inculcate within the human family, a universal, spiritual and moral vision of life rooted in God Consciousness which will serve to guide humankind in its quest for a just world.