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By Jan Oberg, Ph.D.

17 Feb 2023 – I’m happy to announce that from December 2021, I serve as a monthly contributor of opinion pieces to China Daily. It has more than 52 million clicks online daily and about 40 million followers on social media – according to the latest (2016) data. It serves more than 330 million readers all over the world and is a default choice for people who read about China in English.

Here is Wikipedia about China Daily with some background and facts but then producing the obligatory boring list of Western accusations of CD doing what we once believed that Western media would surely never do…

I encourage you to go visit China Daily and see for yourself. We need to be curious and learn. Ignorant condemnations – particularly by people who have never studied or visited China – is wrong. Period.

I accepted the invitation to be a contributing writer because I believe in dialogue and diversity.

When you read my articles on China Daily you’ll look around and learn about China and surely see what you never see in Western media about China and many other matters. And you’ll see lots of materials about the West. Likewise, when the readers of my articles see who I am and are directed to my home here, they get the opportunity to look around and visit The Transnational that I edit and TFF of which I am the director.

That’s how, with an open mind, we connect and learn about each other globally. And make friends. If we want to.

Over about 20 years, I have – once a week – disseminated TFF Associates’ and my own research and public education articles to, among others, thousands of Western media people and editorial offices. No one picked up any of it or invited me to contribute articles to them on a regular basis.

Since I know that some will think or ask: So, you are now on the payroll of the Chinese government? – the answer is: “Yes, I am – China Daily is state-owned and says it will pay me US$ 100-150 for each article of about 1000 words.”

Finally, now and then, I contribute – alone or with my dear colleagues – also to other Chinese media.

Prof. Jan Oberg, Ph.D. is director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, TFF and a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment. CV:

6 March 2023


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