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Arab Dictators’ Betrayal of Palestinians, A shameful Chapter in the History of Muslims

By Latheef Farook

Betrayal of Palestinians by neighbouring  Saudi, Egyptian and Jordanian  tyrants together with  United Arab Emirates , facilitates the ongoing  Israeli genocide in Gaza   to evict  Palestinians and grab  their land to create Greater Israel to  destabilize the entire Middle East for generations to come.

The barbarity unleashed on unarmed ,helpless ,voiceless and peaceful Palestinians   by Israel   has brought out worldwide   people of   all walks of life ,including universities,  in massive protests   demanding  US and Europe stop the  slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

Since  October 8  Israel deprived Palestinians of water, food, medicine, electricity to starve  them to death . Shocked at the ongoing barbarity  compassionate Irish parliamentarian Thomas Gould, who became emotional over the death of children in Gaza said : I hope Benjamin Netanyahu burns in hell”.

United Nations Secretary General and many others warned of a catastrophic disaster due to starvation, destroying hospitals ,schools, universities and  mosques . Zionist murderous thugs even attacked  Al Aqsa mosques premises.  The miserable plight of Palestinians were round the clock highlighted  by independent media worldwide.

However there were no such demonstrations or support in the neighbouring   Saudi Arabia , Egypt and Jordan where dictators brutally suppressed any support to Palestinians to please their US-European and Israeli masters to ensure their power.

Instead  Saudi    regime , busy   westernising the society  with dance, music and fashion shows,  liquor shops  ,imprisoning religious scholars and removing Palestine from school text books    stepped up crackdown on  criticism of Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in  Gaza.

Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular cannot expect much from Saudi
Arabia where the ruling autocratic  House of Saud was established by British Imperial power and Zionists in the aftermath of the defeat of the Ottoman Empire during World  War 1 to serve their interests.

Thus the autocratic Saudi regime has two faces. One to hoodwink the Muslims as guardian of Islam and the other to serve US-European Israeli masters. So far Saudi regimes has destroyed more than 90 percent of places of Islamic heritage-something worst of enemies of Islam failed to do.

South African government filed a case against Israel in the International Court of Justice and later at the International Criminal Court accusing Israel of genocide  of Palestinians in Gaza . The ICC decided to issue arrest warrant of  Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and other war criminals.

What did Saudi and other  Arab dictators do?”  Tightened their oppressive laws to prevent  any demonstration  against Israel . They had to do this to remain in power as once told by former US President Donald Trump that Saudi regime cannot survive for two weeks without the support of US which supplies the most destructive weapons, money and political support to Israel to  continue its   slaughter of Palestinians  and the destruction of Gaza    and the  occupied west  bank.

These  tyrants do not allow democracy and  people  were   suppressed and brutalized with the blessings of US and Europe. For example   it was Saudi Arabia , together  with   UAE and Kuwait,  spent eleven billion dollars to topple  elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy and install military man Abdul Fattah  El Sisi in power  to serve US Israeli interests.

In the process they crushed the rising democracy and threw Egypt, ancient country with more than 7000 year old history and a highly educated and skilled population into darkness.

Had popularly elected Egyptian president Mohamed Morsy remained in power, democracy would have flourished in Egypt and US and Israel would not have dared to commit the heinous crimes in Gaza.

US-European stooge Abdel Fatah  Al Sisi  obediently facilitates  their evil agenda on Gaza. In return for this treachery European Commission President Ursula von der ,known as butcher of Gaza,  rewarded Sisi with a 30 billion dollar loan .EU companies started signing investment deals potentially worth more than 40 billion euros  .

Jordan is no different .Jordan was created after World War 1 by British Imperial power to install Sheriff Hussein who was instigated by British imperial power to revolt against Ottoman Empire, promising him to  create Arab Caliphate while plotting with France to partition Middle East . The SykesPicot Agreement ,a 1916 secret treaty between the United Kingdom and France,  divided Middle East to  suit British and French   agenda. This situations remains in  force to date.

Sheriff Hussein’s son King Hussein , a playboy   known as plucky little king , installed in power at the age of 16 ,  was a great asset to the west and Israel. He massacred around 30,000 Palestinians in Amman in September 1970 due to the blunder of late Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat.

His son present ruler King Abdulla who recently blocked Iranian missiles and  protected  Israel,  closed down Islamic Brotherhood   TV in Amman to please their western masters.  He was received with great warmth by    genocide  President Joe Biden at the White House with all honor.

Pro Hindutva and pro Zionists UAE  abandoned Palestinians and  destroyed Africa’s largest Muslim country Sudan where millions were displaced    facing starvation.

An article by Jean  Shaoul  in the website WSWS citing former US ambassador Ryan Crocker said nearly every Arab state has long viewed the Palestinians with “fear and loathing”

The Arab regimes have not lifted a finger to oppose Israel’s genocidal war and ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Instead, they have colluded every step of the way with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s gang of fascists, settlers and religious bigots committed to Jewish Supremacy “from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea”, even as they wring their hands and call for a ceasefire.

Netanyahu and his paymaster in Washington have counted on them doing so because their entire record in relation to the Palestinians has been one of shameless betrayal.   Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have all been in constant communication with Israel and senior Biden administration officials under the guise of mediating an agreement on the release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

Retired US diplomat Ryan Crocker let the cat out of the bag,  when he  stated unequivocally why, despite publicly supporting Palestinian rights, none of the Arab regimes are willing to accept Palestinian refugees—because they have long viewed the Palestinians with “fear and loathing.”

Columnist Feras Abu-Helal pinted out Arabs  all over Middle East and Muslims worldwide remain disgusted with their regimes  denying even the basic rights to the people .Hamas attacks on occupied Israeli territories and the Israeli genocide in Gaza exposed the dictators betrayal of their own people.

Senior journalist Latheef Farook is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka

1 July 2024

Source: countercurrents.org

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