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By Hassanal Noor Rashid

The 1948 Nakba resonates deeply with those who are familiar with the Palestinian Struggle and those who share a history of what it was like living under oppression.

Historically it symbolizes a great catastrophe endured by the
Palestinian people, with the destruction of their homeland, and the
displacement of many of their people.

It symbolizes the slow erosion of Palestine, territorially, historically, and culturally. The illegal settlements, the cruel and oppressive measures that were used to chase away Palestinian families from their homes, and the narrative manipulation to rewrite the history of Palestine itself. All of these were also part of the Nakba, and its effects continue to be felt for generations to come.

But through this catastrophe, the most shining example of what the human spirit is capable of in the face of injustice and overwhelming suffering.

The Nakba happened in 1948. And yet the Palestinian people remain, strong and resilient as ever.

Not only have they not given in to the subjugations of their occupiers, but they also fought back against the might of the Israelis oppressors, coordinating their efforts internally and externally to support each other, survive and push back against the Apartheid state and system in various social-political spheres.

Throughout the history of their struggle, and its ever-changing
dynamics, the goals still remain the same ultimately, and that is to
liberate themselves from the catastrophe that was placed unto them, and have their voices heard. This voice is shared by many now, especially those who share an understanding of the history of colonialism, and its’ many ills that continue to plague the world till this day.

We all share this voice, as we all want to see a world liberated from
that which is an afront to the human conscience.

Palestinian youth speak: Perspectives on struggle and liberation

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struggle and liberation

17 December 2022

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