Nobel Peace Prize Watch: Watchdog Suspends Screening of Nobel Peace Prize Candidates

By Fredrik S. Heffermehl

Oslo, 1 February 2023

From: The Lay Down Your Arms Network, Nobel Peace Prize Watch

After ten years, we have decided not to publish our annual recommendation to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a list of those who are both nominated and qualified to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

As long as the committee continues to sabotage Nobel’s intention for peace through global disarmament, our work to bring forward good candidates has no purpose. The Nobel Committee has been unwilling to interpret the Will or show any interest in Nobel’s desire to end war by supporting the “peacemakers” who work for deep cooperation and community between nations, through disarmament and peace congresses.

After 15 years studying the award’s intention, finding out who should have received the NPP over 120 years, and who are the most suitable recipients in our time, we have concluded that the Committee does not contribute for elimination of wars; rather, it takes sides.

With an imminent risk of nuclear extinction looming, the need for Nobel´s global peace order is more urgent than ever, but the prize lost credibility.  There is, to put it mildly, little interest in those activists for peace and disarmament Nobel had in mind.

The Nobel Committee has five members appointed by the Storting [Supreme Legislature of Norway]. In 2012, following a complaint from NPPW, the Swedish Foundation Authority stated that the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm has the overall responsibility to ensure that the NPP remains within Nobel’s Will.

It has a duty, under Swedish law, to interpret the Nobel Will’s intention, announce the purpose of the prize, instruct its Norwegian sub-committees, and exercise overall supervision so that awards do not violate Nobel’s intention. In the book Fame or Shame (2020), I have shown that the Nobel Foundation and the Norwegian subsidiary bodies place themselves above the law and orders from authorities.

Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Oslo,                        Tomas Magnusson, Gothenburg

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Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Oslo, +47 917 44 783,, skype: paxfred
Tomas Magnusson, Gothenburg, + 46 70 829 31 97,

Addresses:, Nobel Peace Prize Watch, c/o Magnusson, Akvamaringatan 7 c, 421 77 Göteborg, Sverige. Phones: Sweden, +46 70 829 31 97 or Norway, +47 917 44 789.

Fredrik S. Heffermehl, cand. jur, LLM NYU, is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment and ex-Vice President of the International Peace Bureau.

6 February 2023


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