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Secret Document: Germany’s Bundeswehr is Preparing to Wage War on Russia

General warns of possible Russian attack on Germany

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky


While there are divisions within NATO, Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock  –who assiduously studied foreign policy in Klaus Schwab’s WEF Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL)– confirmed in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) (January 25, 2023), that Germany and its allies [NATO] are at war with Russia: 

“Baerbock’s comments come on the heels of nearly a year of direct Russophobic narrative, including openly declared plans for war with Russia.

In mid-November 2022, Der Spiegel published a leaked German Defense Ministry document [68 pages], revealing that the Bundeswehr is preparing for war with Russia [See below]

The secret document titled “Operational guidelines for the Armed Forces” was drafted by Germany’s Chief of Staff, General Eberhard Zorn. 

“He stressed the need for a “mega-reform” of the German military and clearly identified Russia as an “immediate threat”. Infobrics

Screenshot from Der Spiegel, November 14, 2022

Translation of the above (From German by Global Research)

Feared confrontation with Russia   

Preparation for “forced war” – The Bundeswehr must become significantly more powerful”

In a confidential strategy paper, General Chief of Staff Zorn swears that the Bundeswehr will face tough years ahead. A conflict with Russia is becoming more likely. The troops must concentrate fully on defence [Abwehr] against an attack.

What this bold statement suggests is that Germany and its allies should “defend themselves” (plural) against a Russian attack.

See also the contradictory statement of  Germany’s Foreign Minister:

“The most important is that we do it together, we are fighting against Russia” 

Say No to Article V of The Washington Treaty

We are at a dangerous crossroads.

These confused “do it together” statements tacitly pertain to Article Five of the Washington Treaty and NATO’s Doctrine of Collective Defence, namely the undocumented “claim of an attack” against one member of the Atlantic Alliance (aka Germany) could be presented as an Attack against ALL members of the Atlantic Alliance, leading  humanity into a “World War III Scenario”.

Is Article V of the Washington Treaty (with regard to Russia) a talking point in the corridors of the U.S, State Department and the White House?

At the moment. The “official” Answer is No. According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken:

“President Biden’s determination is to avoid direct military conflict with Russia. … 

“Biden has always been emphatic that one of his requirements in Ukraine is that there be no World War III,” Blinken said. (WP)

Inasmuch as Ukraine has lost this war before it started (No Navy and No Air Force), direct or indirect US-NATO confrontations against Russia are  difficult to avoid  unless there are meaningful peace negotiations.

Germany’s Defense Ministry document by General Zorn opens up a Pandora’s box.

His statements are in many regards outlandish, bordering on the absurd without evidence, but at the same time instrumental in triggering political confusion and divisions. It is unclear as to whether Washington was behind this initiative.

His statement also has an “unforgettable”  historical connotation: While the War between Russia and the Prussian Empire broke out in 1914 (World War I), and Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 (Operation Barbarossa), leading to 26 million deaths,  General Eberhard Zorn now claims that Russia is threatening to:

“wipe Germany off the map at any moment”. 

Below is a summary article of  General Zorn’s 68 page document published by News.de (translated into English by GR)


scroll down for the original German version

We hope to eventually be able to have access to the complete 68 page document.

Russian invasion increasingly likely: General warns of possible Russian attack on Germany

by News.de

Translated and Edited by GR, emphasis added

In a shocking report, the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Eberhard Zorn swore that the Bundeswehr is in for hard times.

A conflict with Russia is becoming more likely, the general warned. The Bundeswehr must prepare for a possible attack, he said.

A shocking [confidential report of 68 pages] warns that a Russian invasion of Europe is “more likely than ever.”

But this is far from the only shock forecast to emerge from the explosive documents.

According to the report, Germany could be wiped off the map “at any moment”.

Confidential paper revealed: Conflict with Russia increasingly likely

As claimed by The Sun, officials in Germany are said to have already urged the country to prepare for a looming war with Russia.

The confidential documents, leaked to Der Spiegel [68 pages drafted by General Zorn] , reveal that one of the country’s top generals, Eberhard Zorn, has ordered the country’s army to put itself on war-readiness in the face of “existential” threats.

General Eberhard Zorn warns of a possible Russian attack in Germany

The 68-page strategy paper, prepared in late September, is titled “Operational Guidelines for the Armed Forces.” In it, General Zorn calls for the German military to be completely rebuilt and prepared for war.

“Attacks on Germany can potentially occur without warning and with great, possibly even existential, damage,” he warned in the paper, according to the report.

Fear of Russian invasion of Europe grows: Bundeswehr barely able to defend itself in case of emergency

Although the modern German army has been involved in foreign conflicts such as Afghanistan, Zorn calls for the Bundeswehr to prepare “for a forced war” at home.

Data from February 2022 show that the Bundeswehr has 183,638 active soldiers and 949,000 reservists. However, despite a billion-dollar package, the Bundeswehr is barely defensible, Army Inspector General Alfons Mais recently warned.

Germany must create “more robust” armed forces

Nevertheless, fears of a possible war are growing. General Zorn said that war in an Eastern European NATO member state had  “become more likely again” and called on Germany to play a leading role in defending the continent and to create “more robust” forces.

He called for large units ready to fight for NATO at a moment’s notice. “Alliance defense, including the ability to provide visible and credible deterrence, will dominate Germany’s military actions,” Zorn said.

Report: Bundeswehr prepares for war on NATO’s eastern flank

The paper goes on to say that in the event of a Russian attack on NATO’s eastern border, Germany would have to provide “reactive and combat forces” and could not wait for U.S. support.

Zorn warned that neither the EU nor NATO could afford “to start planning and deploying forces only after the attack.” In a warning, he declared, “If we don’t act quickly, no army will move in Europe.”

Germany’s military chiefs frustrated by slow pace of Bundeswehr development

The leak of the report, however, could also be a sign that Germany’s military chiefs are frustrated with what they see as their government’s slow response to earlier promises of money, according to the Britain’s Daily Express, for example. One defense executive told Reuters, “There’s a war raging in Ukraine, but here procedures are still running in peace mode while inflation eats up the money.”

5 February 2023

Source: globalresearch.ca

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