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Western Weapons to Ukraine: Black Market for Terrorists “On Command”

By Peter Koenig

For almost as long as the West supplies Ukraine with weapons to kill Russians, it is known that most of these weapons – billions of dollars and euros-worth of weapons, would never reach the front, but would instead be sold on the black-market.

The West knew that from the very beginning. BBC and CNN were reporting on this calamity already in 2022. At one point BBC was reporting that up to 70% of the weaponry supplied by the West would disappear on the black market.

Of course, in the meantime all such references have been either deleted from the internet, or “fact-checked” away. The mainstream of the mainstream may not be seen or heard to say the truth. They are paid to lie or be silent.

However, there are some who speak up, who do not mind risking their reputation – but dare bringing the truth to the people. Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh is one of them. He recently spoke to Afshin Rattansi, a British broadcaster, journalist and author who presents Going Underground which is broadcast around the world, except in the UK and EU, on television stations including the RT network.

According to his data, Hersh said, shortly after the conflict started between Kiev and Moscow in February 2022, “Poland, Romania, other countries on the border were being flooded with US and allies supplied weapons which were shipped to Ukraine to support the war against Russia.”

Hersh noted that there was concern in the West, especially about Stinger shoulder-launched missiles, as they could be used to “shoot down an airplane at considerable height.”

In other words, the West was concerned that these shoulder launchers could shoot down Western civilian planes, either by accident or, of course, also on purpose, depending in who’s hands they landed.


So the West knew from the very beginning that most of their weaponry – paid for with US, European, UK and other so-called Western allies’ taxpayer’s money – ended up on the black market, often through what is called the “Dark Net”.

Journalist Hersh also said that “CBS wrote a story about it that they were forced to retract.” When asked why the story was withdrawn, the CBS journalists said, “We are on the side of Ukraine. We all hate Russia.”

This referred most likely to a CBS documentary, “Arming Ukraine”, aired in August 2022, in which CBS claimed that only about 30% of military aid actually reached the frontline. This part was removed, as it was taken out of similar reports by BBC and CNN.

People must not know that 70% of the weapons they paid for Ukraine to kill Russians, are going to the black market, most probably ending up in hands of terrorist groups. They would be so disappointed and risked no longer supporting their governments’ anti-Russia stance.

On many occasions, Russian official warned about Western supplied arms being smuggled outside Ukraine, causing a severe security risk. Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova estimated in October 2022, the black market at $1billion per month. See this for the full interview and this 6-min video clip (below) by “CRUX” Finland, confirming Russia’s concern of western weapons via black-market feeding world terrorist gangs.

Putin Vindicated? Western Arms For Ukraine Feeding Black Market I Finland Confirms Russia’s Claim

There is logic behind the fact that up to 70% of Western weaponry ends up on the Dark Net or directly on the black market being sold to all sorts of potential organizations, no questions asked. Amazing, isn’t it?

And the logic is that the Ukrainian army is far from being equipped to absorb and handle these masses of weaponry, some of them highly sophisticated, for which no Ukrainian soldiers were trained. But the West knows all that.

Ms. Donatella Rovera, a senior crisis adviser with Amnesty International, told CBS,

“There is really no information as to where they’re [the weapons] going at all. What is really worrying is that some countries that are sending weapons do not seem to think that it is their responsibility to put in place a very robust oversight mechanism.”

Likewise, a US intelligence source told CNN already in April 2022 that Washington has “almost zero” idea what happens to these arms, describing the shipments as dropping “into a big black hole” once they enter Ukraine.

Also, Canadian sources said that they have “no idea” where their weapons deliveries end up.

And so does Europol; they believe that some of these weapons have ended up in the hands of organized crime groups in the EU.

Russian government officials are afraid that many of these weapons are ending up in the Middle East.

According to Transparency International, Ukraine is consistently ranked as one of the most corrupt countries, if not the most corrupt country, in the world.

See this.


Let’s jump to another dimension. If the West knew that most of their weaponry supposedly destined for Ukraine’s war against Russia will end up on the black market and find its way eventually to terrorist groups, why did they not stop it, police it, at the borders, make sure that no weapon reaches the Dark Net or the black market?

Putting in place a rigorous security apparatus would have been worth the money to avoid more terror groups roaming the world and attacking “randomly” Western civilization.

The West did not put such a security system in place. Could it be – just hypothetically — that there was and is a special agenda behind this reckless and thoughtless behavior of the Western anti-Russian alliance?

Is this perhaps a plan to arm existing or new Western-founded terrorist groups, à la al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Islamic State and others – mind you, to be repeated, ALL created and funded by the West, mostly by the CIA, NATO and other US/UK/EU secret service organizations – so as to be ready to use these terror organization when needed by the West?

For example, to intimidate an ever-more “awakening” populace, to the terror and wars waged against people by the US/Western quest towards full hegemony?

Armed with Ukraine weaponry, commanded by CIA, NATO, or even the unelected European Commission, in accordance with “rules-based orders”, such old and new terror groups could carry out random or not so random mass killings, thereby keeping the populace worldwide in check, afraid, submissive.

This could be a new tentacle of the failing octopus, reaching around the globe for full spectrum dominance, trying to keep the illusion of US Western hegemony alive as long as possible, continuing killing and maiming people by the millions, and destroying economies – as per the Great Reset and Agenda 2030 playbook.

Like mentioned earlier, it is just a hypothesis but a real one. Nothing is beyond the intent and reach of this diabolical dark Deep State Death Cult, currently engulfing Mother Earth, her sentient beings and perhaps foremost her generous supply of natural resources.

Remember the Club of Rome’s doctrine of “Limits to Growth”, a blueprint still underpinning the agenda of the billionaires’ elite, the Cult that wants to reduce the current world population by 90%, and produces highly sophisticated man-made ENMOD-type “climate changes”, severe droughts, floods, cold and hot spells, and even earthquakes, to bring about famine, destruction of infrastructure, of economies, shifting resources from the bottom to the top and killing masses of people, genocide-style.

When we dare staring the enemy – the Antichrist roaming among us – in the eye, stepping out of the circle of fear, we may also find the way to another conscience where Light and Love reigns, leading us out of and away from the digital gulag – into FREEDOM.


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world.

18 May 2023

Source: www.globalresearch.ca

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