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End the Spiral of Violence: Sanctions Now!

We’re on the brink of a full scale war in Israel and Palestine.

At least 55 Palestinian children have already been killed. Mothers dead. Hundreds injured.

The tensions keep escalating. Fast.

It’s all rooted in Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and decades of violent oppression of the Palestinian people, which Human Rights Watch just concluded amounts to “crimes against humanity.”

This is where it all began, and this is where it must end.

Possibly the only way to stop this horrific cycle of Israel’s violent displacement of Palestinians from their homes, daily punishment of innocent families, Hamas firing rockets, and Israel bombing Gaza is to make the economic cost of this conflict too high to bear.

It’s what helped end apartheid in South Africa, and it can help end apartheid here.

We’re fast approaching 3 million signatures. Click below to sign our call to sanction Israel for breaking international law and committing crimes against humanity, and let’s make this a turning point.

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