Letter to Colombian President re Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Solidarity


Your and your organizations’ support is urgently needed for a letter that will be sent to Colombian President Santos and the Commission to Monitor, Promote, and Verify Implementation of Colombia’s Peace Accord (CSIVI) offices, as well as released to the public. The letter will be sent at the end of the day on October 2, 2017.
This letter is a call demanding that Afro-Colombian and indigenous groups be included in, and made an integral part of, the ongoing peace process in Colombia. While this process continues, the Colombian state and ruling class seeks to once again make invisible the demands and concerns of these communities who continue to suffer from political, economic, and social/cultural violence.
We are hoping to make a very public statement that no peace process can be considered inclusive or truly progressive if it does not explicitly address the needs of Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities, and if it is not infused with the necessary anti-colonial political discourse.
Please consider signing on to the letter by responding to sign-on@madre.org.
Your organizations’ endorsements will further build momentum in this continuing anti-colonial process of peace and progress.
In Solidarity,
Eric Draitser