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NO to U.S. military transports through the eastern German state of Brandenburg and other regions of Germany


Between May and June 2018, over 100 U.S. military convoys are planned to cross the eastern German state of Brandenburg and other regions of Germany towards Eastern Europe. According to NATO propaganda, these U.S. troops, as well as other NATO troops, will serve to protect the Baltic States from the “aggressor Russia.”
However, large parts of the population in Brandenburg know that the aggressor is NATO. It is the United States, the leading NATO country, which has positioned nuclear weapons and a missile defense shield against Russia within Europe. It is NATO that has moved closer and closer to Russia’s borders during the last two decades.

By acting in this way, the NATO states risk provoking war, which entails unforeseeable dangers not only for Germany and Europe, but for the entire world.

In this sense, the protest of the citizens of Brandenburg against the U.S. military transport is a concrete contribution toward bringing together a common resistance — in Germany, the United States, and the whole world – against U.S. military bases worldwide, which form the backbone of NATO aggression.

Great hopes are to be put in the Coalition against U.S. Foreign Military Bases and in forming a truly global coalition against U.S, and NATO military bases in the world.

This statement originated by Potsdam Peace Coordination.