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“No settlement freeze, no US aid” Letter


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Posted: 30 June 2009 00:00

Sent a letter to President Barack Obama entitled “No settlement freeze, no US aid”. This campaign was organized by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

Settlements are at the core of the conflict between Israelis an Palestinians. Scroll down for more information. President Obama has spoken clearly: Israel must end all settlement growth immediately. This message is not more than Israel has already committed itself to in past agreements, and it is still less than what Israel should do: withdraw from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Yet even this small step, the freezing of all settlement construction, is one that the Israeli government refuses to take. Negotiations towards an end to the occupation and a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are being held for ransom by settlers. The future of millions of Israelis and Palestinians is being held hostage by a group of people who believe that Jewish people deserve rights and privileges, land and livelihood, at the expense of Palestinians. The might of the Israeli army stands behind these racist claims. Tell President Obama: We Stand Behind Your Call for a Settlement Freeze. And ask him: why should the United States continue to give Israel $3 billion of tax-funded aid every year when Israel continues to build settlements in the Occupied Territories?

30 June 2009


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