Stop Enabling Shell’s Rights Violations

Shell has a murky history in Nigeria, where it has a practical monopoly on the country’s oil.

The multinational’s environmental infractions in Nigeria are well documented, with spill after spill ruining ecosystems and people’s lives.

There have been over 2,000 oil spills in the Niger delta, many extremely serious. Clean up and compensation has been scanty, when it exists at all.

In a US court case, the corporation is also accused of “aiding and abetting” gross human rights violations. The UK Government has decided to intervene in the case on Shell’s behalf, based on a very narrow (but convenient) interpretation of international law.

This interpretation of international law is a deeply suspect act on the part of the UK Government. Tell the UK Government that it should not be trying to help multinationals get away with human rights violations and to withdraw its support immediately.

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