Stop the drumbeat of war with Iran

Stop the drumbeat of war with IranDonald Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, which has increased tensions in the Middle East. And now he wants to go to war.

While those fighting ISIS on the ground assert there are “no increased risks from Iran or allied militias,” Trump and Republican allies are hell-bent on using anything to justify an attack.

There is an increasing fear that Trump, spurred on by national security adviser John Bolton, thinks a conflict with Iran could give him a Gulf War-style popularity boost going into 2020.

Republican senators like Tom Cotton are egging him on—suggesting that we can end the war in “two strikes.” But if we go that route, there will be dire consequences—militarily, economically and diplomatically—that we will be facing for decades. The death toll could make the invasion and occupation of Iraq look minuscule by comparison.

We need to stop this rush to war before it begins. Sign the petition to Congress: Stop the drumbeat of war with Iran. The stakes are too high.

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Our Message to Congress :

I am appalled at the increasingly violent rhetoric coming from Trump and other Republicans about war with Iran. Any increase in tensions are due to the United States backing out of the nuclear deal. Please stop this outrageous drumbeat of war.


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