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To Save Life of Mahmoud Al- Sarsak

Only recently, Badayl Alternatives sent out an urgent call to action about the life of a 25 year old Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Al-Sark. He has been on hunger strike for 84 days to protest his imprisonment without any reasonable charge.

If successful, this campaign can redefine how the world begins to address the question of Israel’s irregularities in applying international human rights law when it comes to administrative detention, imprisonment without trial, arbitrary detention.

Human rights groups are worried that Al Sarsak is just clinging to life. “We are afraid that if there is an emergency, which is possible after such a long hunger strike, especially involving heart failure, the doctors won’t be able to provide adequate care,” said Anat Litvin from the Israeli organisation Physicians for Human Rights.

Please sign the petition to save Michel Platini to Mahmoud Al-Sark’s life

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