Vote to Divest


Just stood by  with the Student Senates of UC Berkeley and UC San Diego in their vote to divest

Like Palestinian visiting student Ibrahim Shikaki who stood side by side with Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein in Berkeley, we stand with you. Like countless student organizations representing every race and ethnicity who turned out to support divestment, we stand with you. Like the dozens of professors, Nobel prize winners, rabbis who together said, “Yes, it is time to divest,” we stand with you. Inspired by your courage and your leadership, we stand as grandmothers and grandsons, Muslims and Jews, Christians and atheists, fathers and daughters, in quiet solidarity and in fervent hope. We stand with you, we are here for you, and we believe in you. Though we cannot be in the room with you when you vote, we are with you.

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28th April 2010

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