The MH 17 disaster continues to generate a lot of questions. People everywhere want to know what really happened. What caused the crash? Was it a surface to air missile that brought MH 17 down? Or was it a missile fired from a jet fighter following the passenger airliner?

Answers to these questions may tell us who was actually responsible for the dastardly attack.

In the interest of finding the answers, the International Movement for a Just World (JUST) calls upon the authorities in Kiev, Moscow and Washington to de-classify and release the raw military radar data manifest for the incident area on that ill-fated day. This vital information should be studied by an independent international panel of experts. The panel’s findings should be made public immediately.

For the families of the victims of the MH 17 crash and for the world at large, it is this military radar data that may provide the closure that they yearn for.

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar,
International Movement for a Just World (JUST).

20 July 2014.