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Peoples Forum on Peace for Life stands in solidarity with victims and families of the 148 students and workers killed at Garissa University College, Kenya.

April 10 2015

We, Muslims and Christians from Kenya, Zambia, Philippines, South Korea, Tanzania and India who are members of the Working Group and Program Teams of Peace for Life (PFL), representing social movements around the world;

Gathered here in Nairobi, Kenya, 8 to 10 April 2015 and hosted by the Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PRCMURA) notice that we are meeting at a time when Kenya is in mourning for her 148 students who were mercilessly massacred by members of the Al-Shabbab terror Group for the sole reason of being Christians.

We join Kenyans who aspire for sustainable peace in the land to express our heartfelt grief, and solidarity with all who are directly affected by the Garissa massacre.

We, strongly condemn this act of terror; lament the loss of young innocent lives; pray for healing for all survivors of these violent acts; Stand in deep sympathy with all the parents and relatives of the young students and workers and their families and friends.

We call upon all peace loving Muslims and Christians to stand together at this difficult time and be united in their condemnation of terror, reject acts of extremism in the name of religion and make all efforts to work together for justice and peace in Kenya as they seek peaceful means to resolve any conflict.

We urge the Kenyan government and the international community to work together to ensure the safety of all citizens by not engaging in further violent responses to this terror attack, and engage in peace building with all Kenyans and with all peoples of the world who are struggling for peace. Peace is essential for social transformation, and for the attainment of dignity and rights for all people.

Peace for Life is a faith-based peace and justice movement and forum engaged in building interfaith solidarity and mobilising the power of spirituality for the struggle against life threatening forces of the empire.