The Inauguration Ceremony of the Malaysian Chapter of the Network of Artists and Intellectuals in Defence of Humanity, was held on the 25th May 2017, 11.00am at the Embassy of Cuba in Kuala Lumpur. A humble group of Intellectuals, diplomatic officials, and members of civil society were invited to attend the ceremony.

The Ceremony was opened by the Ambassador of Cuba to Malaysia, Ambassador Ibete, who gave an overview of what the Defence of Humanity is all about and its role. Dr. Chandra Muzaffar highlighted in his speech the significance of a network of this sort at this juncture of history in addressing global injustices and the importance of courage and dedication in making the Network grow. A screening of Fidel Castro’s 1979 address to the UN with its emphasis upon the challenges facing humankind was shown and was well received by everyone.

Lunch was served by the Cuban Embassy. With the event coming to a close, the Malaysian Chapter of the Network of Artists and Intellectuals in Defence of Humanity was officially established.

The Network in Defence of Humanity is a movement of thought and action against all forms of domination. It responds to the need to comply with the mandate of the Plenary Assembly of the World Meeting of Intellectuals and Artists in Defence of Humanity held in Caracas on December 6, 2004, attended by representatives of fifty- two countries and diverse cultures.

The Network main topics are as follows:

• in defense of our planet for everyone
• in defense of peoples’ integration
• in defense of an economy of emancipation and solidarity
• in defense of sovereignty and international legality
• in defense of unity in diversity and culture for all
• in defense of knowledge for all
• in defense of popular participation
• in defense of the truth and plurality information
• in defense of memory
• in defense of peace
Report prepared by JUST’s Programme Coordinator, Hassanal Noor Rashid.

27 May 2017