Tell Trump and Putin: Negotiate, Don’t Escalate

What happens during the announced meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in a few days, at the G-20 summit in Germany, could determine the fate of the Earth.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists continues to warn the world that the hands of the risk-estimate “Doomsday Clock” have moved even closer to catastrophic midnight. The dangers of global nuclear holocaust are increasing — and a major factor is the rise of tensions between the United States and Russia.

So, profoundly, this is not about Trump or Putin. This is about whether relations between the two nuclear-weapons superpowers will continue to spin out, worsening the risks of military confrontation. This is about whether the young people we love — and so many others around the world — will have a future. And whether subsequent generations will even exist.

If you want to express support for seeking détente instead of boosting U.S.-Russian tensions, please click here to sign a petition with a vital message for Trump and Putin.

To: President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump
We vehemently urge you to take a constructive approach to your planned meeting at the G-20 summit. Whatever our differences, we must reduce rather than increase the risks of nuclear war. The future of humanity is at stake.

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— The Team

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