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Turkey : Help Free Iman Al-Obeidi


Iman al-Obeidi burst into a Tripoli hotel and appeal to foreign journalists for help, showing bruises and claiming she had been raped and beaten by 15 of Qaddafi’s men. She was immediately dragged away by plain-clothed security forces who struck journalists that were trying to help her.

By signing a petition prepared by avaaz.org, JUST respectfully call on to President Erdoğan and the government of Turkey to use Turkey’s diplomatic means to assist in securing the release of Iman al-Obeidi, and encouraging the full investigation of her rape and abuse.

The Turkish government has played a crucial role in negotiating the release of regime hostages during the Libya conflict. Al-Obeidi’s cry for justice and an end to the violence represents that of thousands of innocent Libyans who have suffered cruelly under Qaddafi’s regime.

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