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University of Johannesburg and Ben-Gurion University Campaign


JUST has signed the petition initiated by University of Johannesburg (UJ) staffs and students to call on their university to end its relationship with Israel’s Ben-Gurion University (BGU).

On 29th September 2010, UJ’s senate decided not to continue its relationship with BGU and the decision was captured in a document called the Senate Resolution.

The UJ Petition has been hailed by Palestinian civil society as a “breakthrough” and “historic moment” in the movement to end Israeli oppression.

In early February 2011 a UJ delegation went to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The UJ delegation returned with a Scenario Document that has six scnarios/outcomes for UJ’s Senate to consider at its next meeting on 23 March 2011. Some of the scenarios did not support the earlier UJ Senate Resolution.

This petition is an attemp to salvage the UJ-BGU relationship.

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